Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I don't know if you remember the post for a wedding dress project I did for a friend of mine (Maike McNeill), but basically the concept was revamping her Grandmothers wedding dress for her own wedding. She is currently on the cover of the Sarie Bruid magazine, I am very proud of her, and proud to see my dress on the cover. She had such a beuatifull wedding, the cover is totally deserved!

Monday, January 31, 2011

I have just finished sewing housemates and I decided to grab the camera and do a photoshoot around the house. Who said we are to old to play dress up, that is after all what it is all about.

Red dress available at:
Me me me, Longstreet Cape Town
Mix and Match, 15th Ave Street Riviera Pretoria
Blue polka dot skirt available at:
Mix and Match, 15th Ave Street Riviera Pretoria

Photo's by:
Loraine Beaton and Elizabeth Grey
All the editing was also done by Elizabeth Grey, she has just started a brand new blog, go check it out

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fashion and art

Liveing with different creative personalities this past two years, I realized that the difference between different art and design disciplines is very little. The creative process stays the same it is just the materials we use that differ.

My living arrangement has sparked colaborations which got me thinking about the relationship between fashion and different design and art forms. Many designers have used art and architecture as inspiration for some of their ranges, but I have been thinking of how we use fashion in collaboration with design each as an element of it's own to form a whole. You might remember the poetry of Breyten Breytenbach playing in the background of my show at the 2010 Audi fashion week, and then there is the styling I have done. Clothes form a major part of all films, music videos etc.

A fantastic example of fashion and art collaborating is illustrations the very talented Gerhard van Wyk did for my summer range. Everything the photography, hair and make-up styling etc. is an important art/design discipline that formed part of the artwork as a whole.

Illustrations: Gerhard van Wyk
Photography: Gerhard Uys
Hair and make up styling: Nadja Seale

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Inspirer article


Summer range 2010

Mix and Match clothing boutique had a photoshoot with photographer Gerhard Uys recently. The Nooi summer range concists of different white dresses made from a varity of fabrics, accented with brown trimmings and accesories, except for one 1960's green and pink floral dress I just had to make! The clothes are combined with different vintage props on a white background, each photo creates it's own scenario, waiting at the train station, cycling in the countryside etc. The model is Nadja Seale from Lilly Bloom.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Girls in the Garden

It is awesome to have talented friends...

Two things close to my heart is music and gardens, so I feel really privileged to be able to sell my clothes(50% off on winter and fashion week stock by the way;-)) at the Girls in the Garden tea garden party this Saturday. Four talented friends will be singing, everything from Folk by Ola Kobak to Jazz by the lovely miss Hildegardt Whites... This gets my heart so excited. And of course everyone is invited!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Alice in the public eye.

Alice did it again! in the Beeld Leefstyl today they are featuring articles on fantasy and fantasizing. As part of the theme they wrote an article about fantasy in fashion. On the cover is photographs of Abigail Betz's Sweet blossom range inspired by the Alice in wonderland blue Victorian dress, showcased earlier this year at the Afi fashion week, accompanied by an article on page 5, Nooi was also featured as our own Alice range fit in perfectly with the theme. Abigail is one of my favourite South African designers, and in my mind one of the best. To find Nooi in the Newspaper on the same page as Abigail is my own little fantasy come true...

I find it interesting though that the Alice range started to get publicity in the last month as it was my winter range. I might be better at trend prediction than I thought, or is it just an understanding of the zeitgeist? I started wondering about this after I saw that another designer did A Voortrekker range at the last Afi fashion week, after mine was already showcased in the January Afi fashion week. Not to mention the Mr Price projects Vellies you can now buy. Trend predictor or trend setter, I don't know but I am glad to know that my ideas concerning design is on the same page as Abigail Betz's ideas(excuse the pun) and other South African designers. I also really enjoyed seeing how different our interpretations of Alice in wonderland was, even though the initial idea was the same, the difference in our style of design and end products is phenomenal!